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Correspondence, advertising texts, product catalogues, websites, reports, technical manuals, software, literary texts...

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Our proofreading work is not limited to spelling mistakes; we can also correct grammar and style and provide general language advice...

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Sworn translation

traduccio jurada

Birth and marriage certificates, criminal record certificates, official validations of academic diplomas abroad, wills, notaries’ documents...

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Translation and proofreading services

Lexikos Traduccions is a language services company formed by a group of internationally renowned native translators and proofreaders with great experience in the industry.  We provide translation and proofreading services in many languages for individuals, companies and other entities in Catalonia and abroad.


At Lexikos Traduccions we guarantee that all translation and proofreading work will be undertaken by native translators and proofread by a second translator. This guarantees maximum quality in all our work. We handle all our projects under conditions of strict confidentiality.

Our working method is quick and easy: after filling in the quote request form quote on this page, you will receive a quote by e-mail as soon as possible. If you decide to go ahead with the translation or proofreading work, all you need to do is reply to the e-mail, attaching your text. You will receive the translated or proofread document by e-mail in the time agreed.  

If you are unable to provide the text in electronic format, you can fax it to +34 93 859 48 17.



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Online quote

To request a quote without any commitment on your part, just fill in the following form. After the text has been analysed for content, subject matter, number of words and other characteristics, we will send you a quote by e-mail.

Did you know...

There are currently 6,912 languages: 293 in Europe, 1,002 in America, 1,310 in the Pacific, 2,092 in Africa and 2,269 in Asia.

Source: Ethnologue

Languages we offer

Catalan, Spanish, Basque, Galician, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Rumanian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic

Lexikos Traduccions

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